About the IRB


The Ashoka University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for ensuring that research involving human participants is conducted in accordance with globally recognized standards of research ethics and principles. Ashoka University is committed to protecting the welfare, rights, dignity, safety and privacy of individuals participating in any research conducted under the auspices of the institution.

Research involving human or animal subjects that involve medical, clinical or biological material does not come under the ambit of IRB and should be addressed to Human Ethics Committee and Bio Safety Committee of Ashoka University.

The Ashoka IRB is guided by three key principles of ethical research - beneficence, justice and respect for individuals - with human subjects set forth in the Belmont Report. Adherence to these principles ensures that all research conducted by Ashoka staff, students and affiliates meets the highest standards of integrity, inculcate a culture of respect for research subjects, and is in accordance with the scholarly pursuits of the Ashoka community. Maintaining these standards is central to the protection of the research community and participants, to ensure that the academic community, funding bodies and the public trust the integrity of the research that Ashoka University produces. A researcher must ensure that potential risks posed to research subjects are minimal and  their informed consent has been obtained in an appropriate manner. Read more about this under “Guidelines".

All research conducted with human participants is subject to appropriate levels of scrutiny. The Ashoka IRB will examine specific aspects of the research protocol focusing on the selection process of participants, voluntary participation of potential participants, informed consent process, risk benefit ratio, maintenance of privacy and confidentiality applicable to data gathering, analysis and storage, and provisions for appropriate compensation where applicable. It will review the proposals before the commencement of the study as well as review periodically until its completion through transparent and appropriate well documented procedures.

There are three categories of review conducted by the IRB. These levels of review are exempt, expedited, or full board review.  These are explained in greater detail in the “Categories of IRB Review” section. Once you determine which application is required, an overview of the application process is available under “General Information.”

Regardless of IRB review category, the University requires faculty, students, and staff who will be conducting research with human participants to complete an available training course on the ethics of such research.  This is a key requirement for all research involving human subjects, and familiarity with ethical principles helps to guarantee that Ashoka’s research community treats its study participants in an appropriate manner.

If you have questions about the Ashoka IRB, check the FAQs section. For questions about your research project or any assistance regarding the submission process, please contact the IRB member secretary at irb@ashoka.edu.in

Before submitting your application, consult the "Checklist" to ensure that your application is complete.